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Marty Lavin

Consulting: How can I help you?

Following a failed business model?

Making the same mistakes previously made by others?

Wondering if your business activity is all it can be?
My 33 years of business experience can help you sort it out.

Let's review your vision and implementation to determine how robust it is.

Serving the industry for more than 33 years as an attorney and consultant.

Implement your own in house lending regimen, complete with staffing, servicing and costs.

Negotiate as an intermediary when face-to-face meetings aren't working.

Write Industry White Papers on various topics dealing with trends and analyses.

Author company newsletters.

Assist as an expert witness in litigation, pending or on-going.

Review, propose and implement business initiatives, plans and strategies.

Assist in industry trends analysis.

Provide short and intermediate team management.

Need some help?
Contact me for a
written proposal.

Marty Lavin
(802) 660-8888