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Marty Lavin

Marty Lavin
Esquire, Consultant & Expert Witness

In the manufactured housing, modular housing, mobile home and factory built housing industry, success, longevity, accomplishment, and profits have always been a challenge.

Today with the industry undergoing rapid change in its business model, success is even harder.

Business and commerce are a challenge of ever-changing conditions, with the need to adapt quickly to threats, while maintaining a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve and why, as you exploit opportunities.

Where is the industry going?

As chattel (home only) lending remains constricted, what changes will occur? How will you overcome this challenge? Is switching to modular home production and sales the easy answer? When will the industry return to its former business model?

These questions are obvious, but the answers are far more elusive. Let Marty help you analyze the various aspects of these challenges.

Is your vision impaired by challenges or lack of continuity?

Do you feel unable to clearly verbalize why your business exists, its mandate for success, and its written short and long term business plan? Are you fortified by a clear business philosophy and have the assent of all the constituent parties involved and impacted by its success…or its failure?

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April 19, 2006.
Presented by Marty Lavin, Moderator; Jed Gleim, Sr, Vice-Pres., Triad Financial; Andy Griggs, Vice Pres., C U Factory Built Lending; Ron Klein, CEO, Origen Financial; and Tim Williams, CEO, 21st Mortgage.